High School Girls Group

For high school girls experiencing social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression, difficulty managing peer relationships, or school avoidance. This group combines topic-driven activities along with education tools to address social media stressors and peer conflict or pressures. It is a safe place for teens to share their social and school challenges while learning from each other.

Middle School Girls Group

For middle school girls who may have symptoms of anxiety, depression, social anxiety, school avoidance or other peer-related issues. This group utilizes FUN, topic-driven and recreational activities encouraging problem solving and providing strategies to help navigate social media stressors and manage peer conflict.


Pride Plus

This group is designed for middle school and high school age people. It is open to LGBTQ+ people, allies and supporters of the LGBTQ community. The purpose is to provide a safe space to ask questions, rally support, promote inclusion and create meaningful relationships with others. Additional areas of focus include ways to help educate people about preferred pronouns and terminology that may help foster a sphere of acceptance and inclusion.

2018 by Lisa B Synnestvedt

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