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Therapeutic Approach

General Approach

Glenn Counseling clinicians use a strength-based/solution-focused approach with clients encouraging understanding and confidence, helping people feel empowered to make wise and

intentional decisions.

We utilize a variety of recreational therapeutic
interventions to help strengthen learned skills and activate
a sense of meaning, purpose, joy and overall well-being.

We remind our clients...

”Therapy is not crisis management, nor is it advice

giving. It is a process of self discovery whereby individuals learn to know and trust their true selves and put their energy into action based on well-developed, healthy choices."

Therapy Room 3.heic

Did you know...?

 Healthy relationships instill a

sense of responsibility and concern for others
that leads individuals to engage in behaviors

that protects the well-being of self and others.

Psychotherapy, or "talk therapy",

is a way to treat people with social/emotional issues
by helping them understand their thoughts and
behaviors. It teaches 
people strategies and gives
tools to deal with stress and unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.


Psychotherapy helps clients

manage their symptoms more effectively.

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